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Blogger templates are one of the most important parts of your Blogger blog. And you need to be careful in selecting a theme for your blog. There are many themes available developed by experts But most of them are not free. And when you are new and don't want to pay for a theme. And also want your blog looks professional. Then don't worry we are here for you. We will give you Professional looking templates for your Blogger blog with free of cost.

If you are still looking for free blogger templates because you didn't find a cool one. Then maybe here you will get your desired Blogger template. Because in this post I am going to share top 10 Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates Of 2018. Also, visit 10 Best Blogger Templates.

5 Free Blogger Templates

So here Is the first free responsive blogger template which comes with premium features. This is a responsive and clean looking Blogger theme and you can use for any niche. This theme has SEO optimized it loads fast and also have threaded comment.

Free Blogger Templates 2018
Are you still asking questions like how to get Adsense Approval? If yes then this article is going to be the best article for you. Getting Adsense approval is not that difficult anyone can get Adsense approval easily just by following Google Adsense rules. Now you will ask what kind of rules we have to follow even I have a good website that is getting handsome traffic from search engines.
But a website with good traffic is not enough to get Adsense approval. There are many other things You should consider before applying for Google Adsense. And in this article, you are going to read how to get Adsense approval in 2018. If you are new on this blog then you should read our old post on how to get Adsense approval in 2017. So let's start.
How To Get Adsense Approval In 2018

Hi, guys, I have two main goals with this article the first one is to educate and motivate you to learn how to make money online. And the second is to beat improvement pills article on the same topic. And hopefully, by accomplishing the first goal by educating and motivating you and adding immense value throughout this post it will lead me to my second goal because for some reason I'm really competitive. Anyways the first time this post will be about active income and active income is basically exchanging your own time for money. Maybe you will like to read our popst 5 Easy And Working Ways to make money online.
Make Money Online

So You searched What is different between hosted and non-hosted Adsense account. It means you don't know the difference between Hosted and non-hosted.
There are two types of Google Adsense account one is the non-hosted and second type is hosted. And those accounts are completely different. And I think Every Adsense user know that. But still, there are some people don't know the difference between hosted and non-hosted Adsense. So we are here to tell you.
 Difference Between Hosted And Non-hosted AdSense

With Jquery we can make many amazing functions and this is one of them. If you wanna make a link that will open with a Double click then this post is for you. And now some people will ask Why make a link that will open with the double click?  I also don't know.  But if you wanna make it for some reasons then you can easily make by just using the following script.
Make A Link That Will Open With The Double Click

You can make Good money if you know the Best Blog Niche List. If you are still wasting your time guessing what niche is best for you then stop wasting your time and choose a niche related to your passion. Find a niche that you love and you know you are the best in it and you will find yourself in a great position. I have seen many people asking How to Make Money Online with their website.
blog niche list, make money online

Have you decided to start a Blog but don't know a free website for blogging? Starting a blog is really a good idea. But finding a best for your personal blog is not that easy because there are many websites who allow to you star a free personal blog site.
But from those free blog makers, you have to choose the best platform. And in this post, I will provide information on the free website for blogging. There are two platforms are most famous blogging platforms with lots of features. And some most popular blog sites are created by using those platforms. If you want to know how to create a blog for free and make money then visit our post how to start a blog with blogger.
Which Is The Best Free Website For Blogging