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Create Your Own Free Blog And Make It Attractive With Our Blogger Tricks
Creating Blog is really a Good Idea.  By Making a blog you can learn and teach so many things related to your niche. Did you ever think to create your own free Blog? If yes and you don't know how and where to start a blog then this post is especially for you. Maybe I don't need to tell you about what I am gonna tell you in this post. Because you have open this post after reading the title. So let's start without wasting our valuable time.

How To Create Your Own Free Blog?

There are many blogging platforms where you can start a blog. But two blogging platform are the best and also famous. The first and most famous platform to start a blog is WordPress. And the second famous blogging platform is Blogger that is the property of Google. With Blogger anyone who has a Google account can start a free blog. I have a post written on Blogger Vs WordPress Which is the best. This post can help you to choose the best platform to create your own free blog.

How To Create Your own free blog with WordPress

WordPress allow you to Create a blog for free on And WordPress also have a premium version with many features. Like installing so many useful plugins, editing style of your blog and many others features. So It means you can create an advance blog with WordPress Premium. If you want to Create your own free blog with WordPress then visit our post. How To Start A Free WordPress Blog.

How to create your own free blog and make attractive with our Blogger tricks

As I mention Blogger is the free blogging platform and is the property of Google. So If you have a Google account then you can create your own free blog on Blogger. Blogger is also best for starting a blog. And don't worry you can move anytime from Blogger to WordPress. Because Blogger Allow you to completely move your blog to another platform. If you are going to start a blog on Blogger. Then you must read my post on how to create a blog with Blogger.

Blogger Tricks To make your blog more attractive

We have posted so many Blogger tricks, Blogger widgets, Blogger tutorials. That can help you to make your blog more attractive. We have So many Blogger tricks we can share all Blogger tricks in just one post but I can provide you the link. So go to the Blogger tricks link and read our awesome Blogger tricks. If you want some useful widgets for your Blogger blog then Go to the Blogger widget link and read our post that we have written on Blogger widgets.

That's it. Thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more useful posts. If you have any question about this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.

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